About Us

Our core Mission is to “bridge the gap between businesses and Information Technology”

Our History

IT SPEAR Sdn Bhd, an information technology company for the past 10 years, specialises in supporting StartUp’s, SME’s, Large corporations and GLC’s including fintech and financial institutes suffering from shortage of development resources solutions. We provide certified and experienced personnel in rendering professional applications using Blockchain and Ai Conversational technology, CLOUD and Infra Support Solution, Mobile Apps and Web development, CMS Websites, marketing, branding and software applications across Malaysia and the countries around the globe. We too assist companies’ websites and applications to comply with local government regulation. E.g. BNM RMiT Compliance.

Our headquarter is in PJ and we have successfully implemented projects of different sizes and complexity in various business and technology domains. Capitalizing on the accumulated experiences, IT SPEAR provides full-cycle services ranging from business analysis and consulting to project implementation and support.

Ganesan, CEO.

Why IT SPEAR has been chosen?

  • Provision of a development team

    Provision of a development team Provide a system only at the rate of the developer For smooth outsource development, jobs are required: full-time developer + PM (Project Manager) technology leader + QA (in charge of testing). Since money is required for each person, there are cases when the rate of the developer is thought to be low but ended up becoming very high. In contrast, we offer a transparent charging only at the rate of the developer (varying depending on the *rank). We often get compliments for this easy-to-understand and inexpensive price.
  • Contact person speaks English and Bahasa

    Customer support staff are Locals and Indian. Bases in India also provide support.
    Most outsource development companies are composed of foreigners. Development contact desk is handled by a foreigner who can speak Malaysia. Although the words are conveyed, the intention is not conveyed due to culture differences. There are also cases where finalizing detailed specifications is difficult thus development is a struggle.
    With IT SPEAR, customer contact personnel are all Malaysian & Indian. Communication is in Bahasa and English. Moreover, IT SPEAR has many domestic projects. Therefore, we can flexibly provide customers on-site support, upstream design and QA tests.
  • Flexible type of contract

    Flexible type of contract (possible contract for a minimum of 1 man- month) *3 months or half- year are the minimum contract period in other companies
    We are proud of the speed with which we can provide teams in as little as 1 week. Furthermore, since the contract can be started with a minimum of 1 man-month, we can handle small projects immediately starting the next day. Therefore, you will be satisfied with our development services, and we will be working with you in other projects. Such cases have kept on increasing. For those who are worried about their first outsource development, please try 1 man-month first. I believe that you will surely be satisfied.
  • Numerous development projects

    Abundant track record of more than 155 development projects with listed companies.
    We have handled many projects in Asean countries for the past 10 years. We have been involved in a variety of projects from the public listed companies on international and local SMEs. The sense of security that has helped us develop many projects, and the people that appreciate this are increasing more and more.
  • Abundant IT personnel outsource support

    We have nearly 200 support staff thru various partners all under One Umbrella of IT SPEAR portfolio. Our outsource group has more than 100 staff and the number of employees is increasing due to continuous active hiring. With such an overwhelming abundance of development resources, we can surely respond to urgent and small to large-scale projects.

Customer Relationship

IT Spear have great customer relationships with client,
this allow our businesses to grow without gimmicks, fee cuts or special treatment.

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