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What you get if you start your business with us

We help start-ups, SME’s, Large Corporation and GLC’s bring their mobile app ideas to life. From brainstorming to designs & from development to product launch, we do everything. We also have smart partnership program to help SME and start-up to help to digitalize their business.
Programming language/CMS
PHP, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, Golang, HTML5, Android - Java, Android - Kotlin, iOS - Objective C, iOS - Swift, C#, C++, C, VB.Net, Shell, NodeJS, Python, HTML/CSS, Bash, Shell script
PHP - Code Igniter, PHP - CakePHP, PHP - Laravel, PHP - Prado, Bootstrap, C# - ASP.NET, Apache ISIS, Amazon AI, IBM Watson, Tensorflow, JFS, JSP, OAuth2, React, ExtJS, AngularJS, Angular, GulpJS, Python – Django, flask, Vue.js, Jquery
AWS, Azure, GCP, Alicloud, IBM Cloud, Exabytes
Web server / Proxy
Apache, Nginx, IIS
Server OS
CentOS, Amazon Linux, Red Hat Linux, Ubuntu, Windows server
DB / Data
MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, MongoDB, Firebase, SQLite, Apache Cassandra, Lambda
CI / CD tool
Gradle, Jenkins, GitLab, Circle CI
Cloud API
Google API, Facebook API, Azure API, Twitter API, Amazon API
**Until now, we have provided more than 155 outsource development projects. We address these projects using these development languages with our more than 200 staff. We have successfully supported a lot of development projects even difficult or urgent ones.

Software Development

We are passionate about providing revolutionised web solutions and applications for our clients. Ensuring Innovation and expertise in our developers to deliver projects on time and maintain the highest standards of code.
Our mobile application development team has it all. We innovate design and application development services for every stage of your mobile project. Our mobile application development services are client-centric to create a complete and customized solution. We are a leading digital agency focused on UI / UX design. We develop web pages, mobile applications iOS / Android, and we create Virtual Stores and Market places.
Nonetheless our latest software development of content management system (CMS) platforms are a CMS solutions for any company and business. Our content management systems provide industry specific high-powered web presence and ingrained workflows. Our software developers design Android and iOS mobile app and modify open source CMS solutions for custom management.


We use scrum methodology and task tracking tools. You know exactly which part of the project is already done and what we are doing right now. No risk for the deadline.


All our team members work in-house. To better interact with our clients from different parts of the world, we form a team with an individual schedule for every project. We’ll make sure to have several working hours overlap with your team wherever you are.


We can save a project with a fast-approaching deadline or develop a project from scratch. Majority of our clients have worked with us for many years. 90% of our clients choose to work with us again, for 75% of them we have done 5 or more projects.

Cloud Based Solution Provider

IT Spear has successfully transformed into a technology company that provide leading edge solutions of modernized infrastructure, IT security, cloud computing, mobility, HR solutions and a broad portfolio of IT services that serve the needs of enterprises in Malaysia and Worldwide. We the cloud computing arm and business unit of Alibaba Group (NYSE: BABA) proud Associates. Alibaba Cloud provides a comprehensive suite of global cloud computing services to power both our international customers’ online businesses and Alibaba Group’s own e-commerce ecosystem. Alibaba Cloud’s international operations are registered and headquartered in Singapore, and the company has international teams stationed in Dubai, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London, New York, Paris, San Mateo, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo.
Our Staffs are Certified Alibaba Cloud Associates, Alibaba Cloud Professional & Alibaba Cloud Fintech technical Specialists.
Our R&D team efforts include the advancement of IoT (Internet of Things) technology, virtual reality, smart homes, automotive networking and information systems, and cloud-based mobile-device operating systems. IT Spear provides solutions that lead the market in international performance and usability, cloud security, and advanced R&D technology.

IT Outsource Development Center

We at IT SPEAR have been supported by various partners. The contact person during the development is always handled by our own Local and Indian staff. Our system of providing not just a developer but the whole development team is also unique. We at IT SPEAR solve the IT resource shortage by developing a low-cost, high-quality outsource system.

Do you have problem such as these?

  • No IT resources
  • Losing a project that could be catered if only there were available people
  • Because of insufficient people, deadline is barely met
  • Cannot secure a flexible human resource since orders accepted are not stable
  • Tough on management side since recruitment cost is gradually increasing
Shortage in IT resources, increasing development cost year by year.
IT SPEAR will solve these problems!

Why are there abundant resources and why is it cheap?

Let us take a close look at the population pyramid Malaysian and India. 30’s or younger makes up 70% of population. In addition, since salary of IT engineers is higher compared to other occupations and is a popular occupation, IT related work force is extremely high. Furthermore, since there are many people, application to the occupation is high and pace of salary increase is slower than in other Asian countries.

We provide not just a developer but a development team.

We have introduced above why through outsource development in the Malaysians and India's abundant IT resources can be flexibly utilized and can be realized at low cost. From here, we would like to introduce the comments of the companies where our development support has been implemented. (Actual company names are hidden since there are sub-contractors involved)
We would like to openly introduce the good points and bad points of IT SPEAR without hiding anything.

Blockchain, Chatbot & AI

Our Collaborative experts will facilite and advise the micro and small entrepreneurs on financing and understands the complications associated with it. As such, we have created an all in one solution that simplifies the application process and assists with increasing loan efficiency. The system integrates an advanced and secure platform which includes our Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and alternate credit score that provide another angle of an SME’s credit worthiness.
Our Application is an all in one solution designed to revolutionize the microfinancing industry . We have developed an online lead generating system that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. Our industry knowledge has allowed us to build the system to seamlessly replace the outdated and unsecure processes. We have conducted several in depth studies to identify the key features that micro and small enterprise applicants need in a solution and these are:
  • Convenience
  • Simplified application process
  • Faster loan approval
Convenience is an essential component to our solution which is why ScoreXcess allows applicants to apply from anywhere with access to the internet. We have developed a secure way of saving your personal data which means that you only need to fill in your information once. Using our simplified forms, the applicant can apply for several loans easily. The integrated advanced AI, ML and alternate credit scoring enable the pre-screening of applicants to speed up the process.

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